Ng Guoyou


Hello! I am a software engineer based in Singapore.

I work across the stack and enjoy using TypeScript, Rust, Python, Terraform, and a few other tools.


Currently, I am with SPH Media as head of the Digital Platform team. Prior to this, I was at GovTech, Basis AI, and Credit Suisse.

…and a couple other things


I also have some hobby projects accumulated over a decade. They live mostly on GitHub. Some highlights:

remote-zip Fetch file listings and individual files from a remote ZIP file
ts-library-quickstart Esbuild quickstart for libraries with linting, testing, CI, and publishing CD
synthrs Toy audio synthesizer library in Rust with basic MIDI support
rcue Basic, zero-dependency, pure Rust CUE sheet reader
save-in WebExtension for saving media, links, or selections into user-defined directories
ditherer Apply dithering and retro filters to images and videos in the browser
rust-raytracer A primitive raytracer in Rust
album Personal photography site in Next.js
betabot Ruby bot with plugins. Has full IRC, basic Slack and Discord support.

Tangentially, I am also interested, in varying amounts, typography, UX, design, graphics, photography, indoor gardening, travelling, music, film, gaming, and more.


Some of my blogposts and presentations are at @gyng/book. You can also view some of my photos at